JGDG Behind the Scenes: Modern Fireplace

Houston Interior Design Janet Gust Chappell Hill 0


This fabulous room has many fantastic details from the colors, to the textures, to the art: it is full of wonderful places for the eye to travel. My favorite part of this luxury designed, custom room is the true focal point: the modern fireplace finished with hand crafted birds. Here’s more from Janet on the inspiration for this piece:

My first inspiration came from the juxtaposition of reclaimed wood with plaster – an artist had taken these two components and this gave me the idea for the fireplace. The beam started off as a 35’ beam from an old barn in the Midwest and we cut it down to fit the fireplace. The artists, Jon Clarke and Jay Iarussi, worked with us to make these pieces come together. The hand sculpted birds (which were all made different species and to scale) crafted of wire and Manzanita branch, were from the Betty Moody gallery (artist: Helen Altman).

Can you believe the individual bird species were made to scale!? That attention to detail is what makes this piece truly jaw dropping. The time and thought that went into this spell binding modern fireplace makes this room stand out as one of a kind. See more pictures from this project here in our Journey section.