San Francisco Part I: de Young Fine Arts Museum

San Francisco Part I: de Young Fine Arts Museum

I am an avid art museum attendee any time we travel. It is such an amazing place to find inspiration for design. Recently we spent some time in San Francisco at the de Young Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco. It has such an exciting mix of ethnic and modern art.

Here are some of the pictures I captured on my cell phone:

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The exhibition showcases poet and artist Walasse Ting’s ground breaking artist-illustrated book of 1 cent life celebrating its 50th anniversary.  The Pop art of such notables as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.  Ting (poet and artist) and Sam Francis ( the book’s editor), challenged American artists to reconsider the possibilities of lithography and collaborated with European print makers to produce a volume that in Ting’s words is , ” exciting as Times Square, color bright as neon light, hot as expresso.”

This is an image of a Civil Rights era deconstructed church that had been burned. It was really powerful.